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Serving Southwest Florida 

Paver Enhancing & Sealing Services

Elite Pro-Seal offers cleaning, repairing and sealing options to increase the life and enjoyment of your pavers.  All the while bringing out the true beauty to your driveway, pool deck, patio and walkway pavers.  At Elite Pro-Seal, our paver sealing service is second to none in Naples Florida.

There are many benefits of sealing your pavers, including:

  • Enhanced paver appearance. Through the use of a high quality sealant, we’re able to bring out the natural beauty of your pavers at your home in Naples.

  • Paver protection. Do you worry about your pavers suffering damage, perhaps from foot traffic, inclement weather, and common home accidents? With the right sealer, you never have to worry about your paver stones being stained by oil, grease, or any other substance.

  • Preventative paver maintenance. Get this: a sealant can reverse the aging of your pavers, thus making them look as good as new. Even better, using the right product can help prevent algae, mold, and fungus from growing on your Naples paver stones including; brick, travertine, lime stone and other natural stones.


What’s the Process?


With many years of paver sealing experience in Naples, we know exactly what it takes to complete the process in a fast, efficient, and affordable manner. The simple seven-step process includes:

  • We examine the area for damage and make any necessary repairs. We also remove any weeds or growth on or around the pavers.

  • We test a small sample of the stone to determine which cleaning agent to use.

  • We pressure wash the surface of the paver stones to eliminate any debris. From there, we use a pressure washer to ensure that all small particles are removed.

  • We apply a cleaning agent with a roller, brush, or broom.

  • We scrub out any stains by hand or pressure hose. After that, we rinse with water, let it dry, and ensure that the final result is as expected.

  • We add more sand to the joints (where necessary).

  • We apply the sealer, wait for it to dry, and consult with you on the final product.


While this may sound complicated to a homeowner, we’ve sealed thousands of pavers over the years. At Elite Pro-Seal, we know exactly what it takes to enhance the appearance of your paver stones in Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and Estero Florida.

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