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Should I Seal My Paver Patio?

There is no denying the fact that a paver patio can increase the appeal and value of your home. While your new patio is sure to put a smile on your face, remember this: as time goes by, you may need to spend some time and money on maintenance.

For example, many people are unsure if they should seal their paver patio. While it’s not required, a high quality sealer can bring out the natural beauty of your patio, all the while cutting back on future maintenance.

What Does a Sealer Do?

With a joint stabilizing sealer, you’re able to turn the sand in the joints into a hard-like mortar substance. This helps keep the sand in place when it rains or you squirt off your patio with a hose.

Furthermore, sealing pavers helps to keep them clean, as the sealer fills any small pores that take on dirt and other debris. Not only does this build-up give your pavers a dingy look, but it also makes it much more difficult to clean when the time comes.

How Often Should You Seal Your Pavers?

There are many factors that impact how often you seal your pavers, with traffic and weather conditions among the most important.

If your pavers get a lot of traffic, direct sunlight, and rain, you’ll realize that you need to seal your patio more often.

While every patio and homeowner is different, it’s typically recommended to seal pavers every two to three years.

As a general rule of thumb, keep an eye on the color of your pavers. If you notice a dull appearance, it’s time to reseal.

Final Thoughts

While it’s possible to seal your paver patio on your own, this job is often best left to a professional. With our help, you can sit back and relax while knowing you’re in good hands. Upon completion, you’ll realize that the decision to seal your patio was a good one!



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