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The 7 Best Pressure Washers of 2018​​

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

If you have thought about getting a pressure washer, to clean your driveway, you are going to find that there are a lot of different types that you can choose from. Below we are going to look at the best power washers of 2018 and give you some information about them. We’ll then give you some tips that you can use for choosing the right pressure washer for you.

Remember that pressure washing can be dangerous, check out our blog on 5 Reasons to Hire a Pressure Washing Company.

Best for Cars:

If you are looking for a power washer that’s easy to use, highly portable and lightweight, this is the one that you want to choose. It comes with unique and amazing features, which helps it with standing out from the majority of brands available.

It can take on a lot of cleaning tasks while it maintains its portable, lightweight and simple nature.


  1. Dual system: Among the notable things about this power washer is that the detergent tank comes with dual systems. It makes it fun and easy for you to do cleaning tasks.

  2. Wheels: This pressure washer has strong rear wheels so that its’ easy to maneuver and move.

  3. Nozzle: The nozzle is very fast, and it has a large water supply so that you can clean quickly and efficiently.


  1. Electric: Since it’s powered by electricity, there’s no worry about running out of fuel or how much it costs.

  2. Size: It has a manageable size and you can move it around and use it easily.

  3. Safety Lock: It has a locking system so that it automatically shuts off if the trigger isn’t in the mode called save power.


  1. Power: Since it has to be plugged in, you’ll have to work around a power source. This means that you may not be able to go too far.

  2. Wheels: It has two wheels on its rear. This means that you’ll have to firmly hold it when you’re working.


If you’re looking for a power washer that’s made for performing tasks without any interruptions, this is a great choice. It’s easy to use and work with.

Best Power Washers for Use Commercially:

A lot of people think of Yamaha when they see motorcycles and pianos. But this famous brand also brings this powerhouse of a pressure washer.


  1. Hose: This pressure washer has a long hose pipe so that you can easily clean a lot of areas.

  2. Pump: It has a powerful pump that has a powerful water stream so that even the stubbornest stains are removed.

  3. Nozzle: It has a strong nozzle and a rubber boot on its end so that it’s protected from damage. Since nozzles are known for being delicate having it protected will help you avoid repairing and replacing a damaged nozzle.


  1. Fuel Tank: It has a large fuel tank. When it’s filled, you’re able to clean for many hours.

  2. Wheels: The wheels are solid and easy to maneuver.

  3. Quiet: When you compare it with other pressure washers that are fuel powered, it’s a lot quieter.

  4. Price: This pressure washer is affordable and it’s great for anyone who wants an effective and powerful machine on a small budget.


  1. Weight – This pressure washer is very heavy when it’s compared with other pressure washers. This means it can hard for older people who may not have a lot of physical strength.

If you are looking for a good pressure washer, this one from Simpson is a great choice.


  1. Engine: Its engine is high performance and powerful and the machine will give you years of use if you take care of it.

  2. Steel frame: It has a high-quality frame made of steel. This helps ensure that you are buying a really durable machine and means that you are going to cut down on maintenance and repair costs.

  3. Spray gun: The pressure washer comes with a spray gun of the highest quality that’s fitted with a lock to help you stay safe.

  4. Injection system: Its injection system is highly accurate.

  5. Nozzle: It comes with five connect tips for your nozzle which means it’s quick and easy to attach your nozzle. It also comes with another nozzle for soap application, which is a great feature.


  1. Size – The only disadvantage of this pressure washer is the bulky weight. If you aren’t very strong it can be hard to use.

Best Gas-Powered Pressure Washers:

This is another Simpson product, so you know that they are known for creating machines of the highest quality. This lightweight machine comes with a lot of great features.


  1. Its engine is from Honda and this engine doesn’t create a lot of smoke. You can also start your pressure washer easily when the weather is cold.


  1. Pump: The washer comes with an engine of the highest quality that’s equipped with a pump known as Axial Cam. This greatly increases its performance to give you an unforgettable experience.

  2. Safety Lock: The washer’s spray guard has a safety feature which means that you’re safe even if you’ve forgotten to turn off your spray trigger.

  3. Engine: The engine is from Honda so that you have high performance.

  4. Wheels: The wheels are premium, high quality and easy to maneuver.

  5. Nozzle: It comes with five nozzle tips that are easy and quick to connect so that your work’s very fast and easy.


  1. Tank: It doesn’t have a dual tank, so that means you’ll have to refill the tank with detergent.

  2. Smoke: There’s a lot of smoke, making it very challenging and limiting how often you can use it indoors around other people.


This pressure washer has great performance and efficiency. It’s easy to maneuver and it’s affordable. But because it produces a lot of smoke, you may not want to choose this one.

This pressure washer is lightweight and gives high quality performance. It has a strong and durable nozzle and hose and they’re made to work with this strong pressure washer.


  1. Frame: This pressure washer has welded frames for protecting accessories and engine so that it’s extremely durable.

  2. Nozzles: It comes with one soap applicator and 6 quick connect nozzles.

  3. Shutdown: This feature means that if you forget that you need to turn it off, it will automatically turn itself off. This means it saves you a lot of energy.


  1. Water: It only uses cold water.

  2. Size: It has a bulky size, and this means it’s hard to take it around even though it’s lightweight. This also means it can be hard for older people to use.


This is a great pressure washer and it can do the job. Even though it’s bulky, it gives you durability and performance.

Best Home Pressure Washers

This is a pressure washer with a lot of power and it’s made for performing medium tasks, particularly in the home. It’s easily maintained and affordable and provides you with an engine that is highly fuel efficient.


  1. Spray gun: The spray gun is very effective, and it controls how much water is flowing from the nozzle.

  2. Hose: Has a strong, long hose that can withstand high pressure levels.

  3. Nozzles: It comes with four nozzles that are quick connect. They let you easily switch between your nozzles.

  4. Engine: It has a powerful engine which instantly starts up.

  5. Tanks: Has an extra tank for detergent.

  6. Wheels: Wheels are strong and durable.


  1. This pressure washer is low pressure, so you can only do some small cleaning tasks at your home.


This is a machine that is good for people with tight budgets and you want a small washer for light tasks.

it can be hard to find the right pressure washer that’s a great performer and that’s affordable. But this pressure washer from GreenWorks is the one that gives you both of these things.


  1. Nozzle: The washer’s nozzle is a turbo, and this regulates how much water is coming out and providing additional pressure.

  2. Applicator: The soap applicator is very effective, so that your cleaning tasks are quick and easy.

  3. Cord: Its cord is long so that you can easily reach all the areas that you want to clean.

  4. Wheels: Its wheels are designed specially to make them easy to maneuver.

  5. Motor: This washer has a high-speed motor that enhances its cleaning performance greatly.

  6. Weight: It’s lightweight and simple to move or lift.

  7. Noise: It’s very quiet so that you can use it for outdoor and indoor cleaning.

  8. Energy: Since it’s electric you don’t have to worry about filling it with gas.


  1. Made for Cleaning on a Small Scale – It should be noted that the machine is limited, and you can’t run it for hours or use it in really tough conditions.


This washer is recommended if you’re looking for an affordable washer that can be used in the home and office and that has average performance.

Tips for Buying a Power Washer

If you are planning to buy a power washer, below are a few factors that you want to consider:

  • Its weight and size

  • The type of work you’ll be using it for and what the limitations of the power washer you’re considering.

  • How long the cord and hose are

  • Its water pressure as well as if it is variable.

  • The price of the power washer

  • Where it’s made to be used

If you are looking for a power washer, one of the models above can give you the options that you need. Simply use the tips above to find the one that is best for you and then you know that you’re getting  the best power washer for your money.

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